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The Dream Books 

My Books are unique in that they are written from dreams and are connected to one another. The primary connecting thread is interactive prayer with God. We all desire for our prayers to be answered. The power to answer prayer is in God’s hands. What if we asked Him what He wants, and then requested His desire? What we would be doing is praying into God’s will rather than guessing and hoping for the outcome. We would have surety of the answer. This is precisely what I have done when I published all of my own books and grew a company; I asked God for His desires, and then prayed into them. He made them to happen because, after all, He’s God. That is when miracles happen.

Let me give you some insight into the degree of miracle He has done through me; In 2001 I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. After that, I would spend several hours a week in the desert praying and seeking the presence of God’s glory.  I began to have dreams and visions which could be related to specific Scriptures in the Bible. What I recognized was that I was actually receiving coded messages, which were the answer to my prayers for guidance to find the presence of God and experience His true glory. I took the dreams and visions back to Him in prayer asking for the answers, then I filled in the blanks to the questions which I had asked in the first place. It was never my intention to write books related to the subject of prayer. What happened is that, because I copied the dreams at night and they were messy to read, I began to transcribe them into the computer. After about a year of doing this, I was given a dream with clear direction to put the collection of dreams with their instructional interpretations into a book.

After prayer and fasting, one book was put together. That first book was called Miracle’s. The title was given to me in the form of a spirit language called “tongues”. The interpretation of the title was also given to me. What the word says if you pronounce it slowly is ‘mirror accolades’. What it means is that when we allow God to show us who He really is, then He will also show us who we really are. Only then will we see how we are to glorify Him; then we will be honored like a knight receives an honor from a Queen. As we kneel before the presence of who He is as He shows it to us, and embrace that vision, He will put a sword to our shoulder and declare us to be an honored part of His Kingdom. Then, we will fulfill the name ‘Miracle’s’ because we will, by His power working through our lives, become walking, breathing miracles.

After more fasting, this book was divided into four books. It has become like bread in a basket for me in that, each time I reach my hand to share with others, more bread is produced. So in essence, I only have been given one book, but by being willing to share, it has multiplied to feed many. The books are on different subjects all related to the same topic. I trust you will find the answer to your questions, not in my books, but as my books teach you to ask the right questions and listen for the answer in a way that you can understand enough to pray it in for yourself. Then, you too, will receive your miracle’s.

 Coríanta, Tomaseña, Katísha, Miraculeś, Pillow Talk, Camezia Reptidad, Sinactía Empezia,  Festevía, Kapaseus, Firefly, Seedlings, Wedding Service.

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Coríanta, Tomaseña, Katísha, Miraculeś, Pillow Talk, Camezia Reptidad, Sinactía Empezia,  Festevía, Kapaseus, Firefly, Seedlings, Wedding Service.