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Dreamatrix Immanuel by Sheri Hauser, Las Vegas, Glorybound Publishing, 2006, 144 pages.  Reviewed by Editors of Glorybound Publishing. ISBN  0-9779654-0-6. Available as e-book $4.79 and bound book $19.95 (signed and numbered) at www.sherihauser.com or www.gloryboundpublishing.com  .

Author: Sheri Hauser is a writer of over 20 books Dream Books on the subject of ‘hearing the voice of God’. The Dream Books are unique in that their content is given in dreams (to her) and interpreted using the Bible. Through the leading of dreams, she has written over 50 books (total) and grown a publishing company with over 650 books and 9 languages. Genre: Dreamatrix is a Book on basic spiritual dream interpretation.

Title: The word matrix means ‘mold’ or womb. It gives the implication of being something that provides a place enabling formation around a template. When the dream is brought into its womb, it becomes a mold leading to a birth of something new. By the light of the Holy Spirit sent from God we can experience Immanuel: which means ‘God with us’. The word is found in Isaiah 8 and refers also to a child what was born as a sign that God would release the people from the oppression of their enemies.

Cover: The cover is simple to depict this is a basic dream interpretation book. It is black, like night, and has the words of the title surrounded by the Glorybound Publishing Logo which is two angels with wings turned inward. The Ark of the Covenant was protected by the cherubim (or the angels) with one being on both side and their wings outspread and covering the ark. It depicts God’s covering over our dreams when we bring them to him for interpretation. 

In Brief: Taken from the introduction…Everybody wants to have fun and dreams are a lot of fun. They are riddles given into our minds. Like the message written on the end of a Popsicle stick, we have to eat the ice cream to get to it. We are uncertain who is behind the messages, but nobody can deny that they play games with our minds. Is it our own subconscious mind, a reaction to our environment, or an attempt from a source outside us to speak to us?... This book is a light hearted look at dreams. As I have studied and interpreted thousands of dreams, writing 35 books to date, all from dreams, I am about as close as it comes to be­ing an expert on the subject. Enjoy the book, learn to interpret your dream, see how to avoid nightmares, and gain insight into what they mean for you and others. Have fun at this adult party where kids’ games are played. The chapters are: Neon Signs, Now Playing: Truth & Reality, Theatre of your Mind, Screen Play, Embrace the Visual, Problems with Focus, The Matrix Template: CAEFA

Chapter 1 is ‘Neon Signs’. Sheri begins with defining what a dream is and what it isn’t. It is obvious that everyone has dreams at one time or another, so she doesn’t defend the dream, but let it speak for itself. She sets up a logical idea that it is possible dreams may be messages from God and it may be possible to interpret the messages which could give direction and help us avoid problems in our lives. She says… This book is not meant to be a cook book on dreams because it is impossible to cook up a recipe for your dream. What enters into your mind is as individual as you are. But, what this book attempts to convey is that there are similarities with dreams and that they can be figured out. I know. I do. From where I sit I can count 15 books I am writing; all from messages I received in dreams.

Chapter 2 is ‘Now Playing: Truth & Reality’. Dreams are signs…. The signs to cities are larger than the exit signs to gas stations. If there is an area of greater importance, then God will attempt to direct us in a big way. This will come to us in a dream with greater clarity. The problem is that we remember the dream, but we don’t know how to get the message from it. Like a freeway sign in a foreign language, it doesn’t mean anything to us if we don’t understand its intention. The writer goes on to point out the difference between a vision and a dream. In chapter 2 she explains why the dreams come as cartoons and why the timing of a dream is crucial.  If you wonder about demons in dream, read chapter 2 for the answer.

Chapter 3 is ‘Theatre of your Mind’. In this chapter, Sheri shows how to connect the clips in a dream (like looking at a show on a stage) to help get the entire message from it. She talks about long and short dreams… Don’t think of dreams as fish: just because they are bigger, there is more meat on the bones. A longer, more detailed dream doesn’t necessarily pack a more powerful message. The flicks may be more meaningful than the full stage production. Some people dream more than others. If it has been a long time since you had a dream, let me ask, “What did you do with the last one God gave you?” Sheri considered dreams like mail in your mental mailbox. If you tossed out the last letter God sent, why should he send you more?

Chapter 4 is ‘Screen Play’. This chapter reviews types of dreams. Some dreams talk or sing. Other dreams give a plan of action for you to follow. Many have received stories in dreams they write down. Sometimes you may get a warning to avoid an individual or take a different route to work. How does Christian prophecy come into dreams? Many of the people in the Bible had dreams.

Chapter 5 is ‘Embrace the Visual’. In this chapter Sheri takes a few dreams and interprets them several times pointing out how to arrive at the right answer. She interprets dreams using the Bible as a standard. For those who are not familiar with the Bible, she gives a few insights in this chapter which will help to get the beginner on the right track. She reviews three types of dream interpretation; basic, prophetic and teaching depending on how far you want to take your dream interpretation class. She teaches that one must step back from the dream at first and then focus more closely on details. It is like finding the island before you locate the palm tree on it.

Chapter 6 is ‘Problems with Focus’. Some are taunted and troubled with their dreams. Chapter 6 covers problems with dreams and interpretation of those dreams. How come we have dream re-runs? What about remembering the dream? Is there help with that?

Chapter 7 is ‘The Matrix Template’. This chapter is the … CAEFA. It is an acronym for how Sheri does it. She gives a bunch of dreams with their interpretation and what she did based on the interpretation of those dreams.

This book is really fun. It was originally written for Sheri’s daughter and nephew when they kept pestering her to interpret their dreams. The original title was ‘Fun with Dreams’. At the end of each chapter is ‘Banana poetry’. Dreams are like a banana…they need to be opened up to eat the fruit. I recommend it for anyone who wants insight into basic dream interpretation from a Christian perspective. 

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Dreamatrix Immanual

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