Glorybound Lasertrain

Welcome to digital publishing. The Glorybound Lasertrain teaches integration of software with digital printing using full size office copier and desk top copier. Glorybound Publishing is raising the standard for digital publication by releasing directions and patterns in the best software available for printing books, calendars, CD covers, brochures, web design, and advertising media. Gone are the days of the huge printer doing the work. And, happy are the days we can work within a single piece of paper reducing the waste to nearly zero. 

Understanding Codes

There are levels of difficulty with each of the Print/Pattern Sets. They correlate with a ski slope.
♦ Black Diamond- Expert (Hardest)
♦ Intermediate-Moderate skill required
♦ Bunny Slope-Easy

How to use Print Sets
Print Sets and Pattern Sets are designed for individuals who have media they need to publish. They are like cook books for publishing in that they give information which directs the cook to make something specific. It is important to point out that the Print Sets do not teach the program of software indicated in the pattern or Print Set, but show how to utilize the software to bring about a specific product. It is comparable to cooking lessons in that one who whips up a recipe doesn’t need to know everything about the food, the oven or the kitchen: He just needs to know how to come up with what he needs within the structure he is given using the ingredients supplied. With the Print Sets, you supply what needs to be printed and I tell you how to ‘cook’ it using specific software which it is created in. The Print Sets are written in a format familiar to web page developers. It takes the reader from screen to screen using indentations for clarification if structure.

How to use Pattern Sets
Pattern Sets are similar to a pattern used in making clothes. They are lay-outs of specific items given in software options which are most frequently used for making a particular item. It is necessary to have the software downloaded into the computer in order to open the Pattern Set.The Pattern Sets (just like dress patterns) give basic instructions on best paper options, cutting and compilation of the file to make it what was used in Glorybound Publishing. All of the Patterns are as a result of what was used within our company, therefore it is possible to purchase a like item and ‘copy’ the design while using the Print and Pattern Set to obtain a similar result.For instance, if you desire a folded calendar to be printed on your office printer using 11 x 17 paper, you can look at Print Set #18 and Pattern Set # 18. The Print Set gives instructions on how to program the computer to direct the printer to pull paper and/or cover from specific drawers, staple and bind, and produce a similar calendar to the one we print each year from our office. The Print Set is given in outline format according to screens on the printer and the computer.Pattern Sets are templates for digital publishing. We have included several which give instruction and direction related to file changing (blowing up and shrinking) as well as common registration needs a publishing company utilizes (uploading covers to Bowker’s Link when a book number ISBN is registered).

    Need a Specific Template?

    Glorybound Lasertrain will make a custom template. It will be designed to be used with your printer and whatever software is optioned for that item.