Healing Prayers Booklets

Healing Prayers. Look into the Prayer Thyme Cabinet

A series of small booklets designed to be read at the bedside of those who need healing. They are a Christian faith based collection of prayers, dreams, scriptures and inspirational pieces. Written by Sheri Hauser. Copyright released by Sheri Hauser and Glorybound Publishing so individuals may print them (2 per page) and use them or pass them out at hospitals or churches.

Repentance for Yesterday-Repentance with steps to Salvation through Jesus Christ
Strength for Today-
Directives for prayer
Hope for Tomorrow-Hope and faith to believe in that which is not seen
Preparing for Eternity-Passing from this life to eternity
Fast Track Healing-Simple for healing
Vacuum Cleaner Salesman-Calling on the door of God’s heart. A poetic Prose
Battle of Nun-Allegory of Brotherly love. Poetic Prose
Healing Oil- Blessed Oil to be used for healing. Comes with blessing of Catholic Priest and Rabbi. Mixture of Olive Oil and Lemongrass.
Healing Oil Instructions for use- Instructions for all faiths to pray for healing through the faith of Sheri Hauser in Jesus. Not necessary to be Christian to pray for healing. 

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All of the Healing Prayers booklets have cut lines. Simply print, cut and staple. Ready to Go! Your church or hospital may even sell them!