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ISBN Assignment (35) International Standard Book Number

It is essential that International Standard Book Numbers are given to each book
which is published to be sold. These are individually assigned numbers
indicating specific title and author. The numbers are held by a company called
‘Bowker’s Link’ and they provide them to authors who wish for their books to be
registered. Publishing companies purchase a clump of numbers (Glorybound has
1000) and then go back onto their web site and register the numbers with
specific titles.

  • Every book must have its own ISBN.
  • Glorybound attributes an ISBN Number to a
    title and uploads the cover as well as a summary of the book.
  • All newly assigned ISBN titles appear in
    journals distributed to libraries throughout the United States.
  • The ISBN is a two number character format. One
    of the numbers is utilized at a catalogue number for inventory in stores.
  • ISBN provides the base for the Bar Code which
    is needed on the back of the bound edition for scanning purchase options.
  • Item #: Publishing 2016-20

ISBN Number

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