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Glorybound Publishing is proud to present several authors who do not reside in the United States. In fact, we publish in several languages! It was a goal of mine when I started the publishing company to be able to publish in many languages. As far as international authors we have Mona Moubarek from Greece, Simeon Florunsho from Nigeria, Dr William Chu from China, Emnanuel Bandoh from Ghana (who now lives in London, England), Kenneth Mohie lives in Nigeria, Olajunoke Adedamola from Nigeria, Rev Dr Samuel Olumoko who was educated in the US and returned to Nigeria as well. Edelgard Strunks is from Germany. Some time back I was connected with EOF and Temitope who are from Nigeria. EOF said that God was calling him to go to Ghana and build a church. When I first came into contact with him, he was sleeping on someone's couch and very depressed. He told me of the several books he has written. I quickly developed book covers sending a copy to his wife as well as him, and it lifted his spirits. Over a period of time, I assisted his family to join him in Ghana. Then, we went on to publish several of his books. Glorybound now has 6 of them on this web site. EOF started that church and it continues to grow and grow. They have a thriving singles' ministry. God is good!

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It our continued priviledge to release international authors!