Jesus' Blood is a Shield
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Jesus’ Blood is a Shield Book

Jesus’ Blood is a Shield by
Sharon Moyer, Las Vegas, Glorybound Publishing, 2015, 190 pages.  Reviewed by Editors of Glorybound Publishing.
ISBN  978-1-60789-277-9. Available
as e-book $4.79 and bound book $19.95 (signed and numbered) at  .

 Author: Sharon
received ordination as an Evangelistic Pastor from World Wide Ministries 1992
after graduating from International Seminary accompanied by her husband. As a
founder of His Radiant Glory Ministries; she shares prophetic teaching
and songs. Being a talented singer as well as a dancer, she leads Prophetic
Hebrew Dance Seminars and has a CD presently entitled Midnight Cry.

Genre: Jesus’
Blood is a Shield is a charismatic Christian book on the power of the blood of

Title: The
blood of Jesus is what shields us from our enemies.

Cover: The cover
is depicts a mighty warrior on a horse mighty in battle. We are like a mighty
warrior in battle when we have the blood of Jesus as our shield.

 In Brief: There
are many reasons Jesus died for man. Sharon, not only reviews the formal stance
of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit within the miracle of salvation; but what
man’s response should be based on the information given. This writing is
derived and based on the scriptures and the dreams and vision that the Lord
gave Sharon. It is a composite of 12 writings by Sharon Moyer developed over 5
years encompassing subjects related to Jesus’ blood. Endorsement by Lorna
Baldonado from In His Glory Ministries,

 Chapter 1 is
‘Priceless Value of His Blood’. Chapter 1 overviews the value of the blood of
Jesus…. There is no greater love than the love Jesus Christ portrayed when He
gave up His life on the cross for the sins of mankind. He knew His purpose was
to die for sinful generations, and to be resurrected to bring eternal life.
Sharon reviews many of the reasons Jesus died for
mankind… When Jesus died on the cross and
was resurrected after three days He made an open show of the devil. His
shedding of Blood wiped out all the ordinances against us.

2 is ‘The Blood Stained Cross’.
The blood of Jesus is the only way to save man from their sins…
The blood
stained crimson cross is a symbol of the ultimate price that Christ paid for
the sins of mankind over two thousand years ago. The precious blood of Christ
is the only agent,  that can cleanse us,
from all our confessed sins. Even though man’s sin is crimson, Jesus Christ’s
blood makes him, whiter than snow.
blood was innocent, represented a new covenant, and enabled us to be able to
have communion with God. Sharon finishes the chapter with a poem written by her
grandmother entitled ‘I went to Church this Morning’.

3 is ‘Protected by His Blood’.
Jesus came as a high priest and instead of shedding the blood of a lamb, he
became the lamb (of God) which was shed…. The blood of Christ is an everlasting
shield that no enemy can penetrate. When we cover our door posts with His
blood, no enemy can enter. The blood of Christ shall never lose its power and
. We are redeemed, justified,
sanctified, cleansed from sin, and reconciled to God. We have free access to
God and are over comers of evil.

4 is ‘Un-shacked by His Blood’.
Those who depend on the blood of Jesus are freed from their sins…. Before we are
forgiven of our sins, we must receive salvation, by accepting Jesus Christ. We
are saved by grace through Christ, as written in Ephesians 2:5. Even when we were dead in trespasses, made us alive
together with Christ (by grace you have been saved).
Sharon points out there
are requirements for this freedom. Be sure to read chapter 4 for the
requirements. Everyone wants to be free!

5 is ‘Pliable Heart’. Man innately
has a heart that is hardened from the affects of being born into a sinful
nature. It is God’s desire to change that heart of stone into a heart of flesh…
Then, I will give them one heart, and I
will put a new spirit within them, and take the stony heart out of their flesh,
and give them a heart of flesh. Ezekiel 11:19.
Man’s heart can be
rebellious, blind and uncircumcised. God searches the heart and provides

6 is ‘There is No Higher Name’. This chapter focuses on the name
of Jesus which is above all other names. He is Jehovah Jireh, which means ‘Lord
our provider’.  The name ‘Christ’ means
“the Anointed One.” The anointing means the presence and power of the Holy
Spirit manifested… In the mighty name of Jesus, the apostles, laid hands
on the sick, and oppressed and they were healed and delivered, as written in Acts 12.

7 is ‘The Blood that Purifies’.
Holiness is an attribute which comes exclusively from God. We have no holiness
outside of ourselves. The sacrificial blood of Jesus allowed mankind to become
a part to the holiness of God. She shares examples of holy men and gives
account to how God gave positions of authority because of their pure hearts.  

8 is ‘Brightness of His Presence’.
Often people search for bright lights of this world to make them feel good. God
has made available the bright light of His presence through the blood of Jesus….In these last days God will pour out His
Spirit upon all flesh. When the great outpouring manifests, the people caught
in darkness, will be swept, into God’s pool of glory. They will experience, the
glorious presence, of the Holy Spirit.

9 is ‘His Beauty for Ashes’. The
death of Jesus was a gruesome affair, but because He is raised from the dead,
God has given beauty for ashes. There is proof of his resurrection by all that
were alive that day and recorded the event. It is not just a biblical event; it
is a historical event. What was the purpose of his resurrection? Read chapter 9
for the answer.

10 is ‘Fruit of Salvation’.
Mankind is the beneficiary to the sacrifice of Jesus. He is the author and
finisher of our faith as we put our trust in the promise of salvation….Did you know that, God has inscribed your
name, on the palms of His hands? That gives me, great joy, to know that
nothing, will ever take me, out of His hands. Hallelujah!

11 is ‘Fruitful Rewards’. There
are many rewards when an individual becomes a believer of Jesus’ blood as a
remission for their sins (personally). These may now live under grace covenant….It is written in Psalm 72:7 In his days
the righteous shall flourish, and abundance of peace, until the moon is no
There is an opportunity to invite the Holy Spirit to indwell and help
with life. Believers in their new found status are similar to a vine which is
now attached to the intended root.

12 is ‘Walking in His Destiny’.
Once the new status is finalized, the believer has an opportunity to walk into
their intended destiny…Why should we
reach for His destiny? We reach for His destiny, because He has ordained our
steps, and God knows, what is best for us. 
His timing is always perfect….God has called many treasures out of
darkness, such as the prostitute, and the alcoholic, who have been predestined
to reach their own kind, for His glory.

In Summary:
This book is for those who wish to have an in depth understanding of the blood
of Jesus. Sharon inserts scripture, teaching and personal testimony with
focused points. It is an amazing work and timely for our generation!



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Jesus’ Blood is a Shield

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