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Palazzo Lascett Book Review

Palazzo Lascett by Sheri Hauser, Las Vegas, Glorybound Publishing, 2015, 250 pages.  Reviewed by Editors of Glorybound Publishing. ISBN  978-1-60789-011-9. Available as e-book $4.79 and bound book $19.95 (signed and numbered) at or  .

Author: Sheri Hauser is a writer of over 20 books Dream Books on the subject of ‘hearing the voice of God’. The Dream Books are unique in that their content is given in dreams (to her) and interpreted using the Bible. Through the leading of dreams, she has written over 50 books (total) and grown a publishing company with over 650 books and 9 languages. Genre: Palazzo Lascett is a Charismatic Christian Book on the subject of spirits in people, places or things. It is a demonic warfare book.

Title: The title name ‘Palazzo Lascett’ means ‘dragon slayer’.

Cover: The cover is created by Sheri and looks like a cave where you would go into to find a dragon. There is a crown with a sword thrust through the title. Basically, our ability to slay spiritual dragons is given by authority in our relationship with the God, the king. We use the sword of the Spirit; which is the Word of God to slay that which is contrary to the kingdom of Heaven.  

In Brief: Sheri begins the first sentence telling a story of how she was attacked by a viscous demon possessed dog…then she goes on to connect the physical attack with a spiritual attack which occurred at the same time. The role of slaying dragons is not to be taken lightly because the enemy is ferocious and has no thought of mercy. We have authority to become knights and slay those spiritual dragons using spiritual weapons. Sheri’s dream books are a mixture of dreams interpreted using scripture and inspirational writings, Bible study and poetry.  The chapters are: Finding Dragons; Identifying the Enemy, Dragons within us; Our Battlefields, Dragons without us; Casting Demons out, Dragons attached to Things ; Authority to Attach, Dragons in Places; Temporary VS permanent, Dragons in the Living; Testimony, Angels; Purpose of Angels, Cafea.

Chapter 1 is ‘Finding Dragons; Identifying the Enemy’. The first basic premise is you can’t find an enemy you can’t see. In order to be able to differentiate who the dragons are and who they aren’t you must join yourself in a team with God; who is the supreme pure being. You must develop your spiritual ears to hear spiritual things. You must learn to be attentive… The role of slaying dragons is not to be taken lightly because the enemy is ferocious and has no thought of mercy toward you, so a momentary lapse in attentiveness could be the difference between defeat and victory. Spiritual attentiveness is different from mental attentiveness. She goes on to say that you need to develop your spiritual muscles Let me encourage you to be patient and endure your training period like a knight in training, then when you learn how to use, not only the sword (of the Word) but the shield, the knife, those balls with spikes, and fancy footwork, then you will be given a horse and some real dangerous weapons. Only then can you be safe battling dragons.

You see, dragons are big. Up till now, you have kicked dogs and jumped religious atrocities, but you have never dared go into the cave of the enemy with tenacity and determination holding a weapon large enough with a point that is sharp enough to slay him with a single thrust. That’s what I’m talking about here. If the book is too much and you want to go back to kicking dogs, I totally understand.

Chapter 2 is ‘Dragons within us; Our Battlefields’. Sheri says… There are several battlefields. This book deals primarily with demonic dragons, however it is important to know other areas exist and to know the difference between them. There is a difference between having a bridge out, having a weak bridge and meeting a crocodile in the river when you attempt to cross over to the other side. The dragon is the crocodile. Having the bridge in ill repair or not available is a different issue. This chapter reviews the areas of the conflict, who the evil spirits (dragons) are and who Lucifer is. You may not be comfortable with this; but Sheri says there may be some dragons living very close to you. Learn to recognize and slay them. There may even be some dragons within us…

Chapter 3 is ‘Dragons attached to Things ; Authority to Attach’. This chapter points out some characteristics of a dragon; they hide, they personally attack, they are noisy, they don’t speak English, they are self mutilating and beg. Chapter 3 defines your areas of spiritual authority to command these dragons and gives clear steps to do it!

Chapter 4 is ‘Dragons in Places; Temporary VS permanent’. This chapter talks about things dragons attach themselves to Demonic spirits have no body, therefore they roam without regard to physical parameters. The question is: What can they attach to? There is a difference between roaming; passing by and unpacking the suitcase moving into the room. There is a difference between a fly-by and landing at the airport. There are several examples of territorial dragons given in the chapter. It is essential to use all of the gifts God gave us when fighting dragons.

Chapter 5 is ‘Dragons in the Living; Testimony’. If you want to find a dragon, you can go where they live. Here are a few places; Places where people have died, Places where people are tormented, Places of repetitive sinful behavior, Places where people invite them often. Remember, you must fight spiritual battles using spiritual weapons. The sword of the spirit is your primary weapon. Chapter 5 has a lesson on money and how it carries spiritual significance.

Chapter 6 is ‘Angels; Purpose of Angels’. There are good spirits roaming around as well. In chapter 6, Sheri reviews the role of angels.

Chapter7 is ‘Witnesses’. This chapter has several stories of individuals who have had encounters with dragons or spirits in things or places.

Cafea is the personal testimony of Sheri as to how she did it. This section is filled with personal experience. She has slayed many spiritual dragons. She talks about agility in battle and being shot at. It is possible to slay the enemy and pick up his sword. Learn how.

The book is for those who desire to understand spiritual authority and demonic warfare. It is a second level spiritual warfare book. For primary spiritual warfare see Katisha  (tactical demonic warfare) and Sinactia Empezia (personal deliverance from demonic oppression).  

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Palazzo Lascett

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