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Glorybound has several Play writers and music writers who continue to contribute to sharing their talents. Johnn Jones wrote the music which is the background for the musical CD Sharing Ole Lumpy. He continues in the music industry in Las Vegas. M. David King released an adult play entitled: Touchdown for God: Play by Play. AJ (Azel Jones) brought us Port Royal Sound. It is a historical musical play with the setting of the slave in the Civil War. Sheri Hauser has written plays to be used in combination with two children's books; BaBa Verde La and Sharing Ole Lumpy. Little Otis and the Bully Breeds also has a play which teaches children not to bully.

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I would be remiss if I failed to mention Carol Ronek. She brings us five children's plays. She says that when her grand children were growing up, she decided to use Christmas as an opportunity to teach them Christian principles. So, she developed these plays and had everyone dress up and perform the plays. Later on, her Church congregation caught the idea and performed several of the plays. We have published them....