The Secret of the Amazing Zoo
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Secret of the Amazing Zoo by Mona Moubarek
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 This set of books focuses on nurturing sturdy spiritual and emotional values within children and families. They give building blocks for healthy relationships targeting what is most important deep down within the heart. Many books come with counseling manuals. 

Secret of the Amazing Zoo was originally written in 2001 being released in 2013. The book grew with Mona growing into the talents to fully illustrate the original story. Since its inception, she developed needed skills to illustrate the entire book using the techniques in Photoshop and Illustrator computer programs. Lora is Veronica, Mona’s daughter with some minor enhancements added to make her character fit in the book. Many of the original pictures were adaptations from frequent trips to parks and the Las Angeles Zoo. After hours and hours; days and months of training, Mona is very happy to release her first book, Secret of the Amazing Zoo. We would be remiss not to mention Sheri Hauser, her publisher, aided in the development of her skills pouring over the art pixil by pixil until it became what it is. We are proud to release Secret of the Amazing Zoo which will be immediately followed by the Arabic Language translated edition (by Mona, of course). 

Summary of the Book Secret of the Amazing Zoo

Pride in our attitude effects our actions towards life. In the book, Lora goes through a big challenge at the zoo and realizes she needs to give up her pride and change her attitude. This challenge is a stepping stone for her to become a more loving and kind person making her personality to be the best it can be.

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The Secret of the Amazing Zoo -Digital Book

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